What is directory submission in SEO and Why is important?


To comprehend Directory submission, understanding the base is necessary.

Let’s take Google as an example. At first when Google was not there, people used to go on web directories to search for any info, as web directories were the source for useful resources.

What is Directory submission?

Directory site submission is specified as the practice of submitting your site URL and its details on the internet in a directory under a particular category. This is a way which helps you to improve your link building.

Directory Submission is an off page factor which assists to optimize your webpage. In these directories, your own site is submitted to another website.

There are various categories under which you can send your site. For example, if you have a website related to Health, then you will submit your site under Health category which will assist you to get backlinks from them. It extremely surprisingly develop links in one way. These directories are rather similar to the phone directories which has a list of websites in each category.

Value of Directory submissions in SEO?

Directory site submission being a fundamental element of Off page optimisation, helps in doing search engine optimisation. Directory submissions likewise draws in traffic on your site and getting high quality no follow backlinks.

Directory submissions helps in increasing your page rank by constructing authority backlinks. For the people who have simply started doing blogging, it is a should for them. This way you will see growth in the rankings of your site and blog by sending your url to web directories.

Advantages of Directory submission

  • Your site will reveal at the top of search engine results.
  • Improves Alexa ranking of your website.
  • You will get inbound links from web directories.
  • Your website domain authority will get increased.
  • Pages and posts will get easily indexed by search engines.
  • Increase the popularity of your website.
  • Get quality backlinks links from directory submission sites.
  • Increase traffic of your site.
  • Niche Directory Website list helps to get appropriate backlinks
  • Enhances keywords of your blog.


Blog sites directory sites offer you a helping hand in getting seen. Submitting to blog directories is necessary to get backlinks. Don’t overdo it, however it’s constantly much better to get noted in few good Directories for SEO benefits.

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